Why Video Marketing Is Guaranteed to Boost Guest Bookings

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Posted on Sep 18th 2019

There is a wealth of reasons why video content is on the rise in the world of online hotel marketing: it presents the most eye-catching representation of your hotel, it’s superior to photography when it comes to capturing customer attention and it delivers a unique behind-the-scenes of your hotel that guests are now starting to look for.

But providing a detailed insight into the experience your hotel offers isn’t the only reason video marketing is currently the industry standard. Studies show that a video is more than often the first thing a customer will click on when visiting a website, and after having been entertained by the combined visual and auditory sensation that video provides, customers are better inclined to proceed to the booking page in confidence.

High-Quality Video Content Will Bring Your Hotel to Life

A professionally shot video is the optimum way to provide an immersive virtual tour of your hotel or resort - something that visitors will be grateful to see on your website. A picture speaks a thousand words but a video speaks volumes, and can even influence a change of mind should a customer have chanced upon a bad review.

Take viewers on a short POV tour or capture a specifically exciting moment - whichever you choose, your video content should be visually informative and to-the-point. Slow-motion is a simple but powerful effect on your best-captured shots, and paired with a holiday-inspiring tune, you can be sure to get customers more thrilled about booking their stay.

If you want to take it a step further, drone videography is a move guaranteed to impress your guests, and a trending marketing technique that will bring your hotel and its surroundings to life with spectacular overhead visuals that don’t miss a detail.

With that said, don’t stop at your hotel’s features alone! Capturing events and fun interviews with staff are another direction you can take to give customers an exclusive insight into your hotel as well as the service they can expect to receive. These can be strategically placed on your website or utilised to regularly update your customer base across a variety of online platforms.

Refine Your Website and Experiment with New Platforms

With adequate high-quality shots, you can revamp each page of your website with short, pertinent videos that will captivate your guests each step of the way to the booking page. Photos remain indispensable - especially in the event of a slow internet connection - but photos and videos are the complete package and, together, offer the most vivid representation of the experience your hotel or resort is eager to deliver.

Video is the most engaging media format on the internet, so it’s worth getting your videos up on busy social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. With the potential for each post to be commented on and shared, you can sit back and watch as networking social media users create the online buzz your hotel might be lacking.

YouTube, the number-one video sharing site, is another powerful marketing platform at your disposal. You can use YouTube to upload your videos and embed to your website while, at the same, reaching an even broader audience of browsing internet surfers that may become the next guests checking in at your hotel.

Have you taken the step into the world of video marketing? Let us know in the comments below!


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