3 Simple Tactics To Secure More Repeat Guests

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Posted on Aug 18th 2017

Repeat guests are your most valuable asset. They are cheaper to market to, provide a reliable source of revenue and are likely to provide plenty of word of mouth recommendations. So how do you turn more of the travellers checking into your property for the first time into loyal, repeat customers? These 3 easy to implement tips are a good place to start.

1. Use Social Media To Manage Your Reputation And Engage Past Guests

Social media is such an integral part of everyday life now that it’s rare to find a hotel that doesn’t have at least some kind of Facebook or Instagram strategy. But that doesn’t mean they know how to use these platforms effectively, especially when it comes to post-stay marketing. Whatever platform you’re using to connect with your audience, you can use it to engage guests after their stay to encourage them to return soon.

It’s also an excellent way to listen into what your guests are saying about you. Showcasing favourable reviews will obviously help you strengthen your reputation, but it’s the less complimentary ones you’ll really learn from. Don’t be afraid to publicly engage with your critics – in fact, it’s important that you do. By doing so, you’ll show your wider audience that you’re serious about customer service and committed to making your hotel the best it can be. Who knows, you may even turn some of your critics into repeat guests, especially if you throw in an enticing exclusive offer to win them back.

2. Make The Most Of Guest Data

Getting to grips with guest data and using this information to inform your email marketing campaigns is a powerful way to drive direct bookings. If you’re not doing so already, you might consider sending out a bi-weekly or monthly newsletter to keep past guests up to date with any exciting changes made at your property, special offers and interesting local events.

You can also get ultra targeted by using email segmentation to reach out to past guests that haven’t booked for a long time with enticing offers and special packages they’ll find it hard to say no to. If a guest booked last Valentine’s Day, why not give them a gentle nudge as February approaches to encourage them to do the same this year?

3. Offer Special Incentives To Book Direct

Wrestle power away from the OTA’s and drive repeat bookings by encouraging guests to book direct before they leave. A simple business card featuring an incentive to book direct (a limited offer which can only be taken advantage of through your website), and perhaps a follow up reminder email, can be all it takes to secure that all important next booking.

What digital strategies is your hotel using to encourage repeat guests? Let us know in the comments below!


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