5 Photography Tips for Hoteliers to Help Sell Your Hotel

Image by Robert-Owen-Wahl from Pixabay
Posted on Jul 31st 2019

While written descriptions and compelling SEO content will deliver the details and lift your website up the search engine rankings, impressive hotel photography is the driving force that will make your visitors’ eyes pop before sending them to the booking page.

Photography is an art form in itself best left to the professionals, but as a hotelier, it doesn’t mean you should be unaware of the optimal result your hotel should be aiming for. For your website, here are five simple tips for making sure that your online photos are selling your hotel to holiday shoppers the way that they should.

1. Know Your Hotel’s Strong Points

It’s important that your online gallery provides an accurate portrayal of your hotel, but there’s no shame in selling your hotel’s visual strong points - and they might not be what you think. These can be anything from the relaxed aura your reception lobby gives off at night to a certain way the sun catches the pool. Do any come to mind? Capture them in picture.

2. Set Your Bar on Wide-Angle Lenses

Smartphones and your holiday camera won’t cut it - and your hotel rooms will shrink as a result. Set your bar on wide-angle lenses that will provide a lifelike visual to every feature of your hotel with nothing left out, which will emphasise everything from the smallest bathroom to the sweeping views your hotel has to offer.

3. Leave Out the Unnecessary

As small as it may be, a forgotten rubbish bin can steal the limelight of your photographed room, so it’s well worth putting aside any unnecessary items that offer no selling value to guests. While you’re at it, make a quick effort to remove bed wrinkles, un-needed lamp cords, lopsided cushions and mirror fingerprints - you’ll congratulate yourself when you see the finished result.

4. Hold Out for a Sunny Day

Was your hotel captured on a gloomy day? Book a reshoot! Hold out for a sunny day when the light brings out each room and don’t undervalue your hotel and its surroundings at night, which can present a whole new ambience and perspective for holiday shoppers who are eyeing your hotel.

5. Don’t Underestimate the Influence of Video

Video marketing is on the rise, and it’s the best way to emulate a firsthand holiday experience - something that might be the final push a curious customer needs to hit that booking button. Combine the above tips in a professionally shot video with a holiday-inspiring tune and your hotel’s website will be a step ahead from competitors.

Did you implement the above tips on your hotel’s website? Let us know in the comments below!


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