Start Focusing on Social Media Marketing to Give Your Brand a Boost

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Posted on Jul 9th 2019

In the fast-developing world of digital marketing and mobile technology, have you asked yourself how much of your online content is reaching smartphone users?

It’s crucial that your hotel’s website should be approached with responsive web design in mind, but with social media being such a driving online force in networking and marketing, it’s just as important to cultivate an inquisitive social media following who you can regularly influence into making another booking.

Smartphones and tablets are here to stay, and one big step for your hotel is setting a focus on compelling mobile-friendly social media content that will put your brand in the palms of holiday shoppers worldwide.

Join the Crowd

Social media has taken over the internet: out of around 4 billion internet users, 3.5 billion of those are on social media, which, staggeringly, is just under half the world’s population.

With social media also playing a big part in the everyday usage of smartphones and tablets, this is where social media marketing can mean a serious boost for your brand. The first step is finding the most suitable platform, then devising an achievable social media strategy that will get people noticing, talking about and sharing the good news.

Facebook, the largest social media site, connects us to friends and names we follow, Instagram pleases the eye through aesthetically styled images and videos, and Twitter is great for keeping up-to-date with trending topics and the latest must-have offers and deals.

These are just a few, and as a hotelier, there are many ways your business can grow on social media using these fundamental points, which, utilised individually or together, can build up a solid online presence that will begin to turn heads.

Make Social Media Your Megaphone to Mobile Users Worldwide

If your business isn’t on Facebook in 2019, then you’re missing out. With over two billion monthly users, Facebook is an invaluable platform for honing in on your dedicated smartphone-using audience, who can even act as a free marketing team in the form of content likes, shares and raving reviews.

Aside from your mobile-friendly website, the next best way to show off your hotel and location is on Instagram. This may seem a bit niche, but with more than a billion active monthly users, a few eye-catching photos paired with your latest offer in the feeds of a few hundred followers might mean your next busiest season.

There are various social media platforms that you can use to your advantage in getting your brand seen - it all boils down to where your audience lies and what kind of content you’re trying to push. Social media will continue to connect people and businesses, and using it to get into the hands of smartphone users worldwide is a surefire strategy in extending your brand’s reach.

Which social media platforms is your hotel active on? Let us know in the comments below!


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