How To Get Your Hotel's Blog Content Seen By More Travellers

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Posted on Oct 9th 2018

What’s even more important than creating interesting, engaging blog content which promotes your hotel? Making sure it gets seen. Because without a content promotion strategy built into your blogging campaigns, even the best, most carefully crafted and interesting blog posts will get buried under the deluge of millions of other posts published daily.

In today’s post, we’ll look at three powerfully effective ways to amplify the reach of your hotel’s blog so it gets in front of even more guests ready to plan their next holiday.

Here’s how to amp up your blog amplification.

1. Don’t Be Afraid Of A Little Social Repetition

Repetition breeds results on social media, but many marketers hold back in fear of irritating or worse, boring, their audience.

While it’s true that excessive self-promotion from brands gets tiresome fast, don’t forget that your guests’ newsfeeds are crammed with content and move quickly. Very quickly. This, coupled with the fact that Facebook and the other major social platforms have taken steps to greatly curb the organic reach of business content in recent years mean it’s not only acceptable but wise to post the same content more than once to give it the best chance of getting noticed. Don’t worry about overloading your guests – chances are they didn’t even see the first time you posted.

As always, carry out some testing to work out the right balance for each channel you use and don’t forget to switch up your text slightly each time.

2. Promote Via Email

It goes without saying but it’s surprising how many marketers miss it – promoting every blog post you create via email is crucial, especially now that it’s getting more difficult to fight to get heard on social media.

Focus on collecting opt-in email list subscribers on your hotel’s website, get them invested and interested in what you have to say via regular engaging and personalised messaging, and turn them on to your blog.

3. Name-Check And Reach Out

How often do you mention restaurants, attractions, events and other noteworthy local businesses in your hotel’s blog posts? Pretty often I’m guessing. Now, how often do you reach out to these businesses to let them know you’re giving them some valuable free promotion?

If the answer is never or only sometimes you’re missing a big trick. Next time you publish a post name-checking the most indulgent local day spas or the best places to get breakfast in your city, reach out to the businesses mentioned to let them know. Not only might they help promote your content on their own channels, you could even kick start a valuable ongoing relationship with opportunities for future content-collaboration.

However much else has changed in the online landscape in recent years, your hotel’s blog remains a valuable place to engage guests and drive bookings. But simply publishing great posts isn’t enough. With a little care and planning put into promotion, one post can achieve the reach of ten un-promoted posts, nurturing your audience and guiding them through the booking funnel.

What do you think? How do you promote your hotel’s blog posts? Let us know in the comments below!


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