5 Powerful Ways To Drive More Facebook Traffic To Your Blog

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Posted on Jun 23rd 2017

Facebook provides an incredible platform to showcase your blog and drive traffic back to your website. In fact, promoting your blog posts on social is every bit as important as writing the posts themselves if you want to get your content discovered by the biggest possible audience.

Here are 5 cost effective and powerful tips you can put into action today to drive more traffic to your hotel’s blog.

1. Make Your Images Big and Bold

As you’ll probably have heard by now, Facebook posts that include images generate a lot more engagement than posts without photos - up to 120% more in fact.

Experiment with using full size images in your blog updates on the platform, and delve into Facebook Insights and your blog metrics to see which sized images garner the best results for you. Generally speaking; the bigger and bolder the image, the more likes, shares, comments and all-important click-throughs.

2. Keep Updates Concise

Keep the longer paragraphs of text for your blog posts only. On Facebook, concise, snappy updates are the way to go, especially since a large portion of your audience are browsing on mobile. Ideally, keep your blog updates less than one sentence in length – they should simply serve as a short, clear and enticing teaser for your blog.

3. Ask Your Audience Questions

When you ask someone a question, they can’t help but start thinking about the answer.

Using the blog post you’re linking to as a basis, use short, curiosity-invoking and if you can, witty questions to drive social click-throughs from your guests.

For example: “Brisbane is full of surprises. Have you discovered these hidden gems yet?”

You’re letting readers know the gist of the article, getting them to reflect on their own experiences and leaving them eager to find out more. Add an eye-catching photo and you’re onto a winner.

4. Share Lifestyle Blogs and Tips

Generally speaking, your Facebook audience want you to educate them and enhance their social experience; they don’t want to be sold to all the time. For the majority of your audience, Facebook is their go-to place for catching up with friends and family, so as a business if you want to stand out in the right way, you’ve got to embrace the community spirit.

This means putting overtly self promotional blog posts on the backseat and using Facebook to promote content which contains useful local information and travel tips. Don’t forget to use “our,” “you” and “we” in your writing to keep your blog post updates informal and foster a sense of being in it together with your guests.

5. Share Other Brand’s Blog Content

Although it may not be immediately obvious, sharing other business’s content is a powerful way to drive more traffic to your property’s own blog.

Facebook – and every other social platform – is all about sharing. By sharing content from travel industry experts, local related businesses and even your fans, you demonstrate that you’re willing to join in with the communal spirit, gaining trust and loyalty in your fans, as well as reciprocal shares from the businesses you link to. All of which adds up to more Facebook traffic for your blog!

How are you making the most of Facebook to drive traffic to your website’s blog? Let us know in the comments below!


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