What Is High Quality Content?

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Posted on Jul 20th 2018

Every marketer out there has heard about the importance of publishing “quality” content by now. But the definition of quality is open to definition and varies wildly by brand and audience type. For instance, for a while now digital marketers have extolled on the benefits of creating long form content to connect with readers, but for your hotel’s particular audience, a concise 300-500 word blog might be ideal.

So, quality is subjective. But with that said it is possible to define quality content marketing in simple terms which apply to any business: Quality content demonstrates to your audience that you understand and care about their needs.

That’s the foundation of quality content. Want to make sure your content delivers on this basic level? Here’s how you can make sure the content you publish passes the test.

The Basic Requirements Of Quality Content

1. Super-Relevancy

Your content should:

  • Aim to provide the “best answer” for a proven search need
  • Address your guest’s key needs and questions
  • Be substantial and thorough

In essence, it means that you’re putting the work into researching your audience and how they’re planning their breaks online and that you’re crafting content which aims to give them exactly what they need to make choosing and booking their holidays easier.

2. Guest Focused

It’s difficult to persuade guests you care about their needs if all you do is talk about how great your property is. The most valuable content puts self-promotion on the backburner and instead offers genuinely helpful and informative content your audience can use even if they decide not to make a booking with you. Of course, you need to include some promotional content within your marketing mix, but your primary focus should be on helping the reader.

3 Ways To Create High Quality Content

1. Tell A Story

Humans gravitate towards narratives, it’s in our wiring. Stories engage, build trust and help create a genuine, human connection with our audience. Whether it’s in the form of sharing guest anecdotes, user generated content, “behind the scenes” tales, or even simply sharing the story of your business, story telling is one of the most powerful ways to forge loyalty and demonstrate authenticity, while selling.

2. Make Your Guests’ Holiday Planning Easier

Anything that can help choosing an accommodation provider and planning a break easier is going to be of value to your guests. Keep that in mind when writing local guides, lists and how-tos on your hotel’s social media platforms and blog.

3. Know Your Guest Personas

It’s a no brainer: you can’t craft quality content if you don’t know who you’re writing for. Every piece of content you create should be informed by your guest personas – the key categories of guest that book into your hotel – and your knowledge of their particular likes, needs and pain points. Keep your personas front of mind with each new campaign and you’ll have a strong foundation on which to build super relevant, helpful “best answer” content.

How do you strive to create high quality content? Let us know in the comments below!


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