How Your Guests Can Help Drive More Hotel Bookings

Posted on Aug 14th 2019

Whether you know it or not, your guests themselves can help you to increase hotel bookings in more than a few exciting ways.

When it comes to holiday planning, eyeing customers are paying more attention than ever to past guest experiences, and what they’re saying can have huge marketing influence over your hotel and the business you can expect to reel in.

By showing new customers the experience your hotel delivers, you’re providing an endorsed vision for what they can expect to look forward to. Your previous guests may have all the praise to goad other customers into buying what you have to offer - all you have to do is encourage it and know how to utilise it. Here are the top ways to do it:

Show Off Guest Reviews

Simple but effective, showing off your best guest reviews whenever and wherever you can is a strategy guaranteed to get new customers curious.

If you’re not doing it already, display your top reviews on your website and where suitable on other online and offline mediums - these firsthand experiences offer a fantastic insight into what your hotel is offering, and can be the simple push a customer needs to take the next step to your booking page.

Get Sharing on Social Media

Your guests are likely on social media and your hotel should be too! Encourage check-ins and tagged posts during guest stays and, with their permission, share the great time they’re having on your own feed to broadcast to your followers what they could be enjoying themselves.

Building an online presence on social media also generates attention and likability - the marketing edge you need to interact closely with your audience and move ahead of competitors.

Make Your Hotel Worth Talking About!

However obvious this may be, by just providing the best possible service you can, your most avid guests can market your hotel for you through powerful - and free - word-of-mouth influence that will get friends, family and colleagues curious about the experience your hotel has to offer. It’s as simple as it gets, but a master plan in getting your hotel from one mouth to another person’s ears.

With online reviews and social media exchanges being the new go-to for holiday shopping customers, it’s time to start selling all the praise your past guests have put into words - it may well result in a confident new customer booking into your hotel.

How are you marketing past guest experiences to new customers? Let us know in the comments below!


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