5 Ways To Use Guest Reviews In Your Hotel's Content

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Posted on Dec 14th 2018

Research conducted by the Spiegel Research Centre in 2017 reveals that incorporating reviews into marketing can boost brand conversions by as much as 270%.

When it comes to the travel industry specifically, 93% of travellers will have a read through reviews of your property before deciding where to book.

But really, even without this information, you’re already more than aware of the importance of guest reviews for driving bookings online.

The question is: how can you make the most of reviews and use them to maximise your hotel’s marketing potential? Here are 5 ways you can get started on today.

1. Add Guest Quotes To A Blog Post

Where appropriate, don’t be afraid to quote a review or include a link to a review within a relevant blog post.

Of course, doing this too often will turn off guests by appearing too self-promotional and salesy, but a well placed review or snippet of a review in a place that fits in naturally with the context of the post is a great way to add some ultra valuable social proof to your content.

2. Include Reviews On Your Homepage

What better way to add instant credibility and encourage direct bookings than by integrating guest reviews into your hotel’s homepage?

One of the most effective ways to do this is by using a plug-in that pulls reviews from third party sites like TripAdvisor, but you could also speak to your web designer about incorporating reviews into your page’s actual design, perhaps even with a photo of the guest (organised with their permission of course).

3. Display Reviews On Landing Pages

Landing pages are another important place to maximise the power of reviews and give guests added confidence to book at a critical point in the booking journey.

Test different variations and layouts of your reviews to see which combinations generate the best results for your hotel. Does including a photo of the guest with the review drive more bookings than just a plain text-only review? Only A/B testing will help you find out.

4. Create A Guest Reviews Page

In an industry that’s all about creating experiences, you can justify dedicating an entire page of your website to reviews. You can include a selection of your most complimentary feedback, and link to the page regularly throughout your other content.

5. Spark Content Ideas From Guest Reviews

You may not think it initially, but guest reviews can actually sometimes be a treasure trove of content ideas. What are the points your guests commonly touch on in their reviews of your property – your leisure facilities, your fantastic menu of local dishes or the abundance of local attractions nearby perhaps?

Whatever it is, mining reviews will give you an idea of the features and topics that really interest and matter to your guests, and this gives you a great insight into the kind of content that is likely to really resonate with them.

How are you using guest reviews in your hotel’s online marketing campaigns? Let us know in the comments below!


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