How To Capture Leads And Drive Bookings Using Your Facebook Cover Image

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Posted on Feb 9th 2018

It’s getting more and more difficult for businesses to get their social content seen by the right audience on Facebook. Brands invest time and resources in creating great posts and building a fan base, but shockingly, as much as 90% of these carefully crafted organic posts get lost in the noise, according to a Locowise study. Following a recent announcement that the network will favour content from friends and family over content from public pages, many businesses will have to rely more on paid ads to compete for attention in their audience’s feeds.

But there are other strategies for driving more value from your existing Facebook audience without investing in a paid campaign. If you want to capture your audience’s attention and guide guests further along the booking funnel, it’s time to turn your consideration to your hotel’s Facebook cover photo.

1: Turn Your Cover Image Into A Lead Magnet Tool

Got a new, irresistible offer guests would be mad to say no to? Create an eye-catching cover image to share and promote it, making sure to add a compelling “Click Here” CTA to encourage your audience to click-through to find out more.

Use the copy in the description for the cover image to describe your promotion and insert a link to a landing page for the offer.

Don’t forget that each time you change your cover photo on your property’s Facebook page your guests will be notified in their news feeds, where they’ll see the updated cover image plus the text you added to the photo description. If you don’t mind spending a few dollars, you can always boost the post for extra visibility.

2. Create Your Landing Page

Now that you’ve designed your cover image, it’s time to work on the corresponding landing page. Your landing page messaging should complement the text from the cover image people have just clicked from and most importantly, it’ll need to contain a data capture form so guests can input their contact details to receive more information. We recommend synching this form with your hotel’s CRM system. That way, when a guest submits their details they’ll automatically enter an email funnel to find out more about your promotion and your property in general.

3: Link Your Page CTA Button To Your Landing Page

If you already feature a call to action button on your hotel’s Facebook page to drive bookings, it appears directly underneath your cover photo. Most likely, you’ll notice that some guests click this button rather than the cover photo you’ve worked so hard to turn into a lead magnet.

This isn’t a problem though, if you ensure you link the CTA to the correct landing page URL and edit the CTA text itself so it’s relevant to your cover image promotion. In most cases, “Learn More” will work well. Now, whether guests click on the cover image or your Facebook page’s CTA button, they’ll have a chance to engage more with your offer.

Your Facebook cover photo does much more than add visual interest to your page. With a little time and effort, it’s a great tool for capturing leads and driving more traffic to your website. How does your hotel use your Facebook cover image? Let us know in the comments below!


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