3 Steps To Driving More Facebook Traffic To Your Hotel’s Blog Posts

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Posted on Nov 24th 2017

If you have an active blog on your hotel’s website - which you absolutely should if you want to maximise your brand’s reach and generate direct bookings – you’re probably wondering how to get your posts seen by more of your guests.

One of the best ways to maximise your blog’s reach is through promotion on social media, but it takes more than a simple Facebook post with a link to drive your time- pushed audience back to your website.

In today’s post, we’ll look at three steps to creating Facebook blog promotion posts your guests actually click on.

1. Create a Facebook Post Which Drives Guests To Click

Look at your own Facebook news feed. Which posts grab your attention? Chances are the posts which draw you in have these three things in common; an eye-catching headline, a striking image, and enticing text above the image that compels you to find out more.

Create Curiosity With the Headline, Text, and Link Description

Each time you add a blog post’s URL to a post on Facebook, the platform automatically pulls the headline, image, and link description from your hotel’s blog. With this in mind, make sure your blog articles come with an intriguing title and meta description before you share them with a wider audience on Facebook.

Create Visual Appeal

Posts with large, high quality images attract more attention because they look better and take up more space in the news feed.

If you plan to boost a particular post later on, don’t forget to keep the amount of text included in your images to 20% or under – Facebook penalises ads and boosted posts which contain too much text.

2: Optimize Your Post To Maximise Reach

When you’re content that your post would catch your attention in your newsfeed, it’s time to publish it, but it makes sense to do so at a time when most of your audience is online.

In Page Insights, select Posts for an overview of the days of the week and times of the day when your content is likely to reach the most of your fans. Further down the page, you’ll notice individual posts along with their time of publishing. Once you’ve published at least five posts at a variety of different times, you’ll have a pretty clear idea of which times you should be targeting.

3: Boost Your Post To Draw On The Power Of Social Proof

The next step to getting your post seen and clicked on by a bigger audience is to boost your post.

There are two key audience groups here to target: people who currently like your page and their wider networks, or people who have previously engaged with your page. Choose one of these groups to focus on first, and you’ll generate valuable social proof that your post is worth paying attention to.

To target a section of your audience based on page engagement, go to Facebook Ads Manager, and choose the Audiences page. Click Create Audience and then choose Custom Audience from the menu. Click Engagement and set up the ad to target guests who have engaged with your page.

At this point you’ll also need to think about the budget and duration of your boosted posts. To get started, experiment with a small budget of perhaps $20 and a duration of just one or two days. If the results you get are promising, you can extend it for another few days or start experimenting with larger budgets to reach an even bigger audience.

What do you think? Have you tried any of these tactics to drive more traffic to your hotel’s blog posts? Let us know in the comments below!


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