3 Emerging Travel Trends For 2019

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Posted on Jan 31st 2019

Where will travel take us in the coming 11 months? From the latest advances in digital payments to ongoing concerns about data security, here are 3 of the leading trends expected to make their mark on 2019.

The Evolution Of Payment

Cash payments are on the decline, especially among travellers from the UK, Canada and particularly China – where mobile payments have really taken off and over 90% of tourists say they would prefer to pay this way while abroad.

It’s important for hoteliers to adapt to this emerging trend by offering a flexible range of payment options. Catering to those who prefer to pay digitally will not only allow for smoother transactions at the front desk but make it easier to track digital payments and personalise offers and messaging moving forward.

Cryptocurrency is also gaining traction in the industry, with more than 450,000 properties around the world already accepting payments of this kind via the Tripio app. While it may still be a few years before cryptocurrency becomes fully mainstream, it’s something worth keeping an eye on as we edge towards an increasingly cashless society.

An Increase In Solo Female Travellers

Solo travel has boomed in popularity in recent years, and in particular, women travelling independently. While women have traditionally reported feeling unsafe travelling by themselves, a growing number are now having the confidence to head off alone in search of adventure. As this encouraging trend continues, we recommend doing everything you can to cater for solo guests, including upping your promotion of local single nightlife spots and attractions and emphasising your property’s key security features where appropriate.

A Tightening Of Data Security

Advances in technology now allow hotels to collect more data from their guests than ever before, paving the way for hyper-personalized marketing experiences. But with the much talked about the advent of GDPR and increasing concern among consumers about how their data is processed, hotels will need to be transparent about their data collection processes and stringent about its security, or risk losing the trust of their audience.

What trends are you expecting to see emerge in the world of travel in 2019? Let us know in the comments below!


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