Check Now: Does Your Hotel's Website Have An SSL Certificate?

Posted on Sep 27th 2017

Do you have an SSL certificate on your website? If not, it’s time to act fast.

That’s because from the start of October 2017 onwards, Google Chrome released an update that will display a “Not Secure” warning on any web page, contact form or input field without one, signalling to your guests that your pages are potentially unsafe to browse.  This is going to cover all forms whether the data contains private information or not. This can potentially result in less traffic, possible reduced enquiries and a potential drop in online bookings.

But don’t panic: here’s everything you need to know so you’re ready for the change come October 1st.

What exactly is an SSL certificate?

Short for Secure Sockets Layer, an SSL certificate enables a secure and private connection from web server to browser. It’s signified by a padlock symbol and gives your guests the confidence they need to share their personal information and credit card details and make a booking.

It’s highly likely that your property’s website already has an SSL certificate, but if you’re not sure, it’s important to check now or risk losing bookings.

If you would like to discuss this further or arrange a quote to have your site upgraded please contact our eTourism Support Team.

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