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Hotel and Resort Marketing

In a competitive industry, every Hotel and Resort needs an effective online marketing strategy to promote their property, drive traffic to their website and generate guest bookings. We believe that a professional, easy to use and attractive website should be the centerpiece of every Hotel and Resort's distribution strategy.

With the arrival of internet Search, traditional marketing outlets such as TV advertising, Radio and Newspapers have become less and less effective. You just need to look at the print industry in the US, every week there are reports of another traditional media company laying off staff, closing their doors. In a tech-savvy time in which most people expect to find the information they need within just a few clicks of their mouse, a strong internet presence for your property isn't just a necessity, it's crucial for survival.

The eTourism Hotel Marketing strategy is about making sure your guests can find you - and fast - next time they are planning a trip online.

Our strategy initially focuses on the design and usability of your website. We will compare your conversion rates against industry standards and your main competitors and evaluate your call to action i.e. online reservations and enquiry forms. The next stage of our Hotel Marketing strategy is Search. Initially we'll focus on Search Engines - Google, Yahoo and Bing - but we'll also set a foundation for the increasingly popular trend towards ‘Social Search,' which combines traditional search results with personalized content pulled from the searcher's Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts.

Search marketing within a Hotel Marketing strategy combines multiple techniques from Keyword Analysis, Website Optimisation, Keyword Optimisation, Inbound Link Strategies and Content Creation strategies to ensure your property's website gets noticed by the search engines, and ultimately, your guests.

An eTourism Hotel Marketing strategy may include the management of social networking, content creation and a blogging strategy.

In today's social media obsessed world, a social network presence is an essential way to establish an online community, engage with your guests and drive more online reservations. We'll help you create, brand and manage a profile for your Hotel, Resort or Apartments on sites like Facebook and Twitter, to boost your online visibility and get people talking about your property.

Blogging is the perfect way to open up the lines of communication between you and your guests by keeping them up to date on news and exciting offers and encouraging their own input in the comments section. Regular blogs help establish your property as an industry authority and show off the human, less corporate side of your business.



An effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy is essential to make sure your guests can find your website quickly and easily. The eTourism SEO strategy focuses on prominent search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. This involves Search Engine Promotion, which is a combination of multiple on-page and off-page techniques. For more information onSearch Engine Opimisation


As more and more hotels develop their social networking profile it is important that yours includes certain vital call to actions to drive online bookings. We want to help you design a custom Facebook page for your hotel to help you engage with a wider internet community, manage your online reputation and generate more guest bookings. For more information onFacebook Page Design.


Email Marketing is a powerful way to increase direct reservations. As the old saying goes, It's easier to sell to your existing guests, than it is to new guests.The fact is, less than 5% of resort managers regularly connect with their past guests, crazy, right? If you're not connecting with them, you can bet your competition is! For more information on Email Marketing.


They say an image is worth a 1000 words, but in the travel industry it is worth so much more. We provide an affordable and professional photography service designed to showcase your property's best features and increase your direct reservations. From onsite facilities to local attractions, we capture all of your best selling points and bring them alive for the prospective guests browsing your website. For more information on our Photography services. 

Video Services

In no industry is this potential greater than in the travel and tourism sector, where the product for sale is an aspirational experience which can be difficult to convey with text alone. And with search rapidly changing to accommodate the world’s fascination with social media, online video is about to get even more important. Find more information on the eTourism Video Services


Do you know where your next guest will come from? Do you know who your repeat guests are? Can you name the 50 suburbs in Australia which generate your most profitable business?  Repeat guests are critical to the success of your business. Understanding and addressing their needs is one of the most powerful marketing strategies out there. For more information on ourGuest Analaysis marketing service. 


Guest Connect is a new automated email marketing product that helps you to connect with new and past guests more effectively. Using real-time data from your hotel’s property management system and the latest email marketing tools, we are able to segment your database and target specific guest groups with highly relevant and personalised email campaigns. For more information on our Guest Connect marketing tool.  

Content Marketing and Copywriting

Wikipedia - Content marketing is any marketing format that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire customers. Engaging, high quality content wins favour with both audiences and Google, which means it has the powerful ability to draw your guests to you. Find more information on how our Content Marketing and Copywriting services can help you. 

Boost Direct Hotel Marketing Strategy

Boost Direct is a results driven Hotel Marketing strategy that is guaranteed to increase direct reservations for your Hotel or Resort. We're so confident Boost Direct will work for you that if we don't increase your reservations by our agreed set target,  we're prepared to offer our services completely free of charge - that's right, you pay nothing if we don't get you results!

Boost Direct isn't for everyone, so visit the Boost Direct Reservations page for more information.

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