Fast and Effective Ways for Hotels to Communicate with Their Guests

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Posted on Sep 23rd 2020

Hotels must communicate with their guests as much as possible, as this kind of engagement builds rapport, trust and loyalty - things that are important for making your brand a trusted name.

Particularly, in fact, with unprecedented recent events like the COVID-19 pandemic, guests and travellers have been desperate for constant updates on how hotels are continuing to operate and it’s surprisingly evident how many travel properties have not managed to stay on top of this, subsequently harming their booking numbers.

Clear communication and good content management are key to whether an unsure traveller will book at your hotel, as well as knowing all the tools that you have at your disposal for effective and manageable communication with guests.


Having a blog is a fantastic tool for updating travellers with information that can be presented clearly and comprehensively. If you have a blog that is well-managed on a consistent basis, your loyal guests will instantly know where to look for recent news and relevant information about your hotel and its location.

As a blog can be easily incorporated on your main website, it can serve as a powerful platform for all essential updates, in addition to marketing blog strategies that will support your website in dominating the SERPs.

Email Marketing

Hotels that have built an email marketing database have the huge advantage of being able to reach past guests and subscribers via systematic emails about any given subject. For important and punctual updates in real-time, having an email database means one straightforward email sent directly to inboxes with the ability to filter by age, location and more.

Like all targeted email updates and campaigns, subjects need to be eye-catching and to-the-point, with all necessary information and CTA methods presented clearly and effectively.

Social Media

Social media is another fast and effective way to communicate, and closely interact, with your customers and guests for both updating them on a regular basis and marketing what you have to offer.

This does, however, depend on how well you manage your social media accounts - if you have a small social media following due to poor content management, your posts will fall flat by not reaching the full audience you intend to inform.

As a guide, the primary methods for unlocking your social media’s full potential are compelling and consistent content creation and friendly user interaction.

Hotel Website

As your website is the main source of your hotel’s information - as well as where bookings are made - it’s vital that it includes, and displays clearly, any information that you need to communicate to your guests.

This information can be in the form of a collapsible pop-up, page header or, as aforementioned, a website blog. Something also worth considering is having a website that's admin-friendly, which will give you the ability to access, self-manage and include any website updates where needed.

Here at eTourism, we provide our clients with a comprehensive solution to all the above: SEO blog marketing, effective email campaigns, social media management and compelling, user friendly websites.

Which methods does your hotel utilise to effectively communicate with guests? Let us know in the comments below!


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