Why Thank You Emails are a Powerful Marketing Tool

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Posted on Oct 17th 2013

The transactional or ‘Thank You’ email is an automated message triggered when your guests make an online booking or complete a specific action such as signing up to your mailing list. These are one of the most effective kinds of marketing emails for improving engagement and driving click-through rates, and also one of the simplest.

Why Send Thank-You Emails

Your guests anticipate thank you emails after booking or signing up to your mailing list as reassurance that they’ve completed the action successfully. It’s this dynamic that makes this kind of email so opened and clicked on. From a marketing point of view, you can take advantage of the fact that the lead is fresh and already interested in  your hotel by including further CTA’s, promoting your social media accounts and expanding your reach.


Start straight away

Starting with the most obvious point, if you haven’t already set up automated thank you emails that get triggered after your guests complete an action on your website or landing pages, it’s time to do so. You might choose to make these emails the initial stage of a more complex customised email marketing campaign that guides the contact through the booking process.

Optimise with CTA’s

Make sure you include calls to action in all your thank you emails to promote secondary conversions. For example, in your kick back emails for contacts that have just signed up to your mailing list, you can encourage people to sign up for blog updates and add CTAs for great value room deals that will generate click-throughs and bookings.

Make the Emails Social Media-Friendly

One of the key benefits of email marketing is that emails can get passed on to friends and family through social sharing, helping your hotel’s content reach a wider audience. Help this process along by including Facebook and Twitter sharing buttons within your emails to make sharing as straightforward as possible, and don’t forget to include a few persuasive words inviting your guests to forward the message to others too.

Guest Connect is a powerful email marketing platform that can automate interaction with your guests. Read more about Guest Connect here.  

Have you included thank-you emails in your hotel’s email marketing campaign? Let us know in the comments below.

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