Where To Find Images For Your Hotels Blog Posts

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Posted on Sep 10th 2012

Including an image with your blog post is one of the best ways to catch the reader’s eye, stir their interest and make them start reading. 

If you are holding back from brightening up your hotel’s blog for fear of cost or copyright issues, you’ll be pleased to hear about Photo Pin, a new service that helps bloggers find free high quality images and add them to their posts quickly and easy. The site uses the Flickr API to search for images that are available under a Creative Common license. These images are available for anyone to use but you should post a link to the original and give credit to the photographer.  

When you find a picture you want to use on Photo Pin you’ll be offered nine size options, as well as a handy HTML code box that makes attribution quick and easy. You can just copy and paste the code from Photo Pin into the image caption box on your blogs content management system for straightforward attribution with links embedded. 

Here are a few other useful sites for finding free or nearly free images to bring your blog posts to life:

Stock xchng

A great resource of over 350,000 stock photos, many of which are free to use. The images have varying copyright restrictions, so be sure to check the attribution requirements before you post a photo to your blog. 


Not all of the images in Flickr’s huge database have a creative commons license, but many of them do. Search the creative commons pictures available using Advanced Search and as always, check the attribution rules before you post.  


This subscribe-only site sells an extensive library of royalty free stock photos and illustrations. There are thousands of images added every day and a number of subscription packages available to suit your needs.  

With these great resources at your fingertips, there’s no excuse not to liven up your next hotel blog post with a great image!

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Photo credit: MAJTec via photo pin cc

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