Being Creative with Your Specials

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Posted on Nov 7th 2012

What makes a special attractive and sell to your audience? That is the key question. 

  • Is it price?
  • Is it the inclusion?
  • Is it the way it is presented? 

The answer is simple, it is all of them. There is no use advertising or promoting a special on your website or through a newsletter if it doesn’t meet the above criteria. 

eTourism will ensure that your special looks attractive and promote it on your website in an attractive way.  Ensure that the price is really attractive, if you are simply showing your same prices but adding the word ‘special’ next to it, it’s not going to have an impact. Your clients are smart and they will check out your prices. Why not advertise what the normal price of the deal would be and show the potential guest, how much off they are getting.

If you have deals with local businesses to throw in offers, then do so. Guests like to think that they are getting something for nothing. Offering a free or discounted meal within the offer is always great. I am aware that a lot of our clients don’t have the facilities on site to do this, however why not strike a deal with a local surf club or restaurant. If you are unable to do this, then why not include something from within the resort, for example Free WiFi if you usually charge for it. Why not offer a bottle of bubbly on arrival? You can get very creative with a minimal amount of effort. 

When it simply comes down to price, why not offer a long stay rate. If you don’t normally offer a 7 night rate offer it at a bargain price. How about an advance purchase rate? If the guest is looking to book far in advance then offer them a discount with conditions. The stay might not be able to be cancelled or amended or they may have to pay fully upfront. 

Stay & Pay deals - These are great however everyone is offering them at the moment. Why not get creative and offer a little something extra with your stay pay deal. 

And remember, you need to make these special offers available to book online thorugh your eTourism Online reservations system. 

If you would like help setting setting up your next special, or would like assistance in promoting your specials, please do not hesitate to contact the support team. 

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