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Posted on Dec 17th 2013

The most successful businesses on Twitter do much more than simply spam their followers about how great they are. They use the platform to listen to their customers, check up on the competition and engage in helpful and meaningful conversations that demonstrate their value and authority as a brand.

If you’re struggling to find your resort’s place on the world’s second favourite social networking site, here are three simple tips to try today.

1.  Listen and Engage

Twitter’s search engine is an excellent tool for listening into your guests’ online conversations and finding out who’s saying what about your property, your local area and your competition. Just by typing the name of your city into the search box you can easily identify people who may be planning a trip in the near future.

Once you’ve found people who may be interested in your property, don’t be afraid to reach out to them. Brands that listen to other users, and are ready to start conversations where appropriate, are able not only to generate business but drum up great social word of mouth too. In the following example highlighted recently on Social Media Today, a popular Twitter user called @productpoet tweeted that they were looking for somewhere to stay in Omaha. Hilton Hotels were paying attention, and were able to engage with the user and secure a booking.
During and after their stay The Product Poet shared a series of complimentary Instagram photos and tweets about the Hilton property with their impressive 117,000 followers.

2.  Educate and Inform

Whether it’s a family getaway or whirlwind business trip, anyone travelling to a new city is likely to have at least a couple of questions they want answered. That’s where you come in. By using Twitter’s search tool to identify people who are looking for information about your city, you can use the social network to help and educate your guests, kind of like a virtual extension of your reception or concierge service. For example, someone might pose a question like “Where’s best to go on a Friday night in X city? Help!” This is your chance to jump in, share your expert knowledge of the local area and get noticed as a brand with authority and value.

3.  Tweet a Welcome Message

If your guests use Twitter – and with 218 million active users worldwide, chances are many of them do – imagine how impressed they would be if, shortly after making a booking, they received a tweet from your property wishing them a great stay. Alternatively, imagine how well cared for they would feel if right after settling into their room, they receive a tweet from reception just checking that everything is ok.

Of course, the only way to do this is to start collecting those Twitter names, either at some point during the booking process or during check-in itself. Why not try it out for yourself on the next guest that checks-in today!

Is your resort active on Twitter? Do you have anymore tips to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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