Make the Most of Low Vacancy with a Hotel Reshoot

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Posted on Apr 22nd 2020

Low hotel vacancy doesn’t have to be a bad thing, as it offers the perfect opportunity to reorganise your rooms before getting a photographer in to capture the best features you’re trying to sell your guests.

Updating your old room photos is guaranteed to give your website and digital marketing a whole new feel, as well as create a buzz on your social media platforms, and is one of the best, and easiest, ways to draw attention to your accommodation range and encourage more overall bookings.

If you’re currently one of many hotel owners who are unfortunately facing low occupancy due to the coronavirus pandemic, why not take advantage of it by revamping your rooms and having a reshoot?

Get Your Rooms Photoshoot-Ready

Photography is an art best left to the professionals, however it’s up to hoteliers to make sure that their rooms are looking their best on the day of the shoot.

When preparing your rooms for an exciting new photoshoot, it goes without saying that both a full cleaning and servicing is required to make your rooms optimal for the camera, which can capture little details that you might not notice until you browse the finished digitals. This includes replacing wrinkled bedding, wiping all reflective surfaces and removing unnecessary items - such as bins and unsightly cables - that your guests don’t need to see.

The popular adage “less is more” is a good rule of thumb when preparing your hotel rooms to be photographed.

It’s also worth considering when you book your photographer, as both the time of day and outside weather will have a major impact on the lighting and mood of the room, which can make your hotel rooms either pop out of the screen or come across as dull.

Take note: you don’t have to photograph every room in your hotel - just choose the best rooms of each type and let your photographer do their magic.

Pro Hotel Photography and Video - eTourism Australia

When it comes to compelling, eye-catching photography for hotel marketing, we, at eTourism, have a team of experienced professional photographers who can make your hotel and location come to life with stunning high-quality digitals that will capture all the best features and angles your rooms have to offer.

Our expert photographers will work side by side with you to ensure that you get the hotel images you’re looking for, using only top of the range photography equipment and editing software - with an eye for detail - so that you can be sure your hotel photos come out best the first time around.

Video is another area worth considering when it comes to effective hotel marketing, and our team can help to take your website and social media platforms to the next level with well-shot and edited video content - including drone photography - giving your guests a true-to-life virtual room tour on your web pages that is guaranteed to set you apart from competitors and boost your overall bookings.

Take advantage of low vacancy with a room photoshoot! You can find more information about our photography and videography services - as well as view our example work - by just visiting eTourism.


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