Link Building and Social Media: Three Simple Strategies To Build Authority and Boost Your Search

Link Building and Social Media
Posted on Dec 4th 2013

If you want to dominate search results, you need to make sure your main social profiles and pages, as well as your website itself, rank highly. One of the best ways to help these pages climb the rankings is through building links, both from external websites and within the social networks themselves.

A committed link-building campaign will not only improve your ranking position in SERPS, it will help increase the authority of your social pages which may in turn boost your ranking in Twitter’s own search results and Facebook’s Graph Search.

Want to get started?

Here are three simple strategies to start building links to your social profiles today.

Links from Your Website

You’ve probably already done this, but if not, you should definitely include links to your resort’s most important social profiles on your website. You might do this through simple text links within your website’s content or blog, by installing small social icons in your site’s header, footer or sidebar, or via official follow, like, circle and connect badges. Also, don’t forget to take advantage of any other opportunities to link to your resort’s social media profiles on any forums or sites you contribute to. These simple steps will help to widen your social reach, while building up the volume of links out there directing to your profiles.

Twitter Bio Links

How many of your staff are active on Twitter? By asking members of your team to include a link to your resort’s main Twitter profile within their own profile bios, you can easily stack up quality backlinks from multiple sources. While these links are ‘nofollow’, and therefore won’t directly help your page’s placement in search, they will help boost the authority of your resort’s Twitter profile, which could help you climb the rankings within Twitter’s own search engine.

Facebook Links from Profiles

In a similar vein, you can also link your resort’s Facebook page to employee’s personal profiles by asking them to include their current job information within the Work and Education section of their profile. Unlike with Twitter, these links are ‘dofollow’, so they will be followed by Google and will have a positive influence on your search ranking. And once again, you’re benefitting from links to your resort’s Facebook page from multiple, often high authority, profiles with potentially lots of followers.


Create yet more high authority links to your social pages by indulging in a little cross promotion. Pinterest, for example, invites its users to connect to their Facebook and Twitter accounts with nofollow links, while Google+ allows dofollow links to other social platforms within the ‘About’ tab on business pages. Don’t miss out on any of these opportunities to interlink all your social pages together.

Do you know what the added benefit of these three link building strategies is? Each will generate more exposure for your property, which naturally translates to more fans, followers and bookings.  

Have you tried any link building for your resort’s social profiles and pages? Let us know in the comments below.

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