Guest Wellbeing - What Your Hotel Rooms Should Inspire

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Posted on Nov 13th 2019

In the pursuit for health and mental wellness, the bar for hoteliers and resort owners has been raised in terms of guest wellbeing, demanding not only luxury but ways guests can mentally disengage from routine responsibilities, reorganise and enjoy clarity of mind.

While local sightseeing attractions and resort facilities, such as a sauna, can offer the therapeutic benefits that guests are looking for, your hotel rooms can also inspire subconscious emotions that will have a profound effect on overall guest experience and the review they leave behind.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Being the centrepiece of both your rooms and the guest experience, a bad bed can mean disaster. A good night’s sleep offers repose, recuperation and the corollary of your guests feeling rejuvenated and in a good mood - two key factors of hospitality.

Generous investment in high-quality beds and linen is an indispensable move for hoteliers. And outside of the room, it’s just as important to ensure peace and quiet, along with a sense of security to further inspire a comfortable night’s sleep.

With a bed that’s well-placed in the centre of the room, this can also provide guests with a space to stretch, meditate or perform yoga when kickstarting their morning.

Natural Lighting

The healthful benefits of sunlight are widely known, making it a valuable element to provide in all your hotel rooms. Bright natural lighting will also perk up the interior, mood and spaciousness of the room, leaving guests sprightly and happy to have booked at your hotel.

It then goes without saying that generously sized windows and large mirrors are important features to have in your rooms, with the latter further dispersing the light and providing a flattering, confidence-boosting reflection that will do wonders for your guests’ wellbeing.

A Touch of Nature

Nature also has a psychological effect on emotional wellbeing and mood, with outdoor walks and pleasant scenery proven to reduce anxiety and stress. This is where you can influence the happiness of your guests by just providing a fresh air source, a natural view or convenient access to a garden area.

Plants are also becoming a common feature in modern hotels and resorts, going as far as to enhance star rating. If desired, add a small plant to some of your hotel rooms, which can be strategically placed in an area that’s otherwise empty or dull.

Eat, Work, Clean Up and Relax

Together with homely amenities, it’s also important to provide necessary spaces where guests can eat, work, clean up and relax. This may seem obvious, but a confined bathroom, an awkward dining area and nowhere to sit that isn’t the bed can quickly provoke the stress levels of your guests.

A dining table can be used for more than eating, including socialising and working, with a desk being a welcome addition if you attract many business travellers. For tasks as trivial as putting on shoes, a sofa or end-of-bed ottoman are simple additions that guests will thank you for. Well-appointed areas to wash and prepare, both in the bathroom and living area, are also essential and will leave your guests confident and stress-free as they come and go.

How do your hotel rooms improve guest wellbeing? Let us know in the comments below!


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