Boost Your Hotel's Online Visibility with a Solid SEO Strategy

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Posted on Jun 17th 2020

As restrictions ease and the general excitement of travelling again increases, making sure that your hotel and resort has a solid SEO strategy in place is more important than ever - especially if you’re looking to get an edge over your competitors as tourism makes its return.

What does an SEO marketing strategy offer? To put it simply: increased online visibility for your business across the search engines, meaning more clicks, website traffic, customer engagement and guest bookings.

And with online travel bookings now widely accepted as the norm, maintaining a clear SEO strategy using the most effective methods is vital for businesses looking to thrive in the current market, which, let’s face it, is as challenging as ever when it comes to standing out!

If you need your website to drive more traffic and bookings, here’s how.

Is Your Website Search Engine Optimised?

Perhaps it is, but is your website’s SEO approach the most optimum? Search engines, like Google, are smart and dynamic. Everything that shapes your website is taken into account, from its keyword implementation and content readability score to its tags, sitemap, URL choice, website links and so forth - even its loading time plays a part in how high up your website ranks on the ladder.

It sounds overwhelming but, when implemented from a structural level, a website that’s been effectively search engine optimised is the key to climbing the search engines, standing out from competitors and generating more customer traffic on the whole. Without a functional SEO strategy in place, your website will fall flat before it even goes live.

Are You Staying Visible with Fresh, Consistent SEO Content?

As well as a well-optimised website, its ability to be favoured by search engines goes hand in hand with the content it puts out on a regular basis. This is where a professionally managed website blog can give you the edge over similar sites and competitors - most of which will opt to rely on their initial website content alone.

Just like your website, blogs have the capacity to be search engine optimised using the same SEO methods mentioned above, allowing you to expand your reach with compelling content that markets everything you have to offer and engages with your audience on a relatable level.

So, if your website isn’t utilising professionally written SEO blogs to promote your hotel’s best features, what’s happening locally and the newest special offer you’ve just lined up, you’re losing out on significant search engine traffic that could be yours.

Get a Free Website Evaluation with eTourism

Effective SEO marketing is what we do best here at eTourism, from base market research specifically for your business to designing your website from the ground up using proven SEO practices that deliver exactly what they should: generate user traffic and drive more direct bookings.

Whether you run a motel, hotel or resort, our expert team will work with you to create your ideal website and ensure that it stands out in the competitive online market with a range of fully comprehensive services designed to suit your short or long-term needs and goals.

And, to help you along the way, we can even give your current website an industry-standard SEO evaluation - 100% free with no obligations. Just send us a request!

Find out more today - take a moment to visit eTourism.


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