50% of Facebook Users Value Brand Pages Over Official Websites

Posted on Nov 20th 2012

If you’re ever in doubt about the power of social media as a marketing tool for your hotel, here’s yet more proof. Marketing research company Lab24 recently conducted a survey which asked 1000 social network users to reflect on the way they interact with brands on Facebook. The results showed that people take this interaction pretty seriously. So seriously, in fact, that exactly half of those questioned said that they preferred Facebook brand pages to official company websites.  

With so much at stake, what’s the best way to go about winning all-important ‘Likes’ from your guests? Lab24 asked the participants to explain the things that made them want to support a brand on Facebook and those things that prevented them or had them hastily ‘unliking.’ The results are pretty interesting, and they’ve been brought to life in the Lab24 infographic below. Take a look below!


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