5 Quick SEO Tips

5 Quick SEO Tips
Posted on Nov 20th 2013
Great SEO isn’t just about ranking highly for those carefully chosen keywords and phrases anymore. It’s about making sure you have the right content and technical strategies in place to get taken seriously by Google and get in front of as many of your guests as possible. 
And it’s not as difficult as you might think. Here are some quick SEO tactics you can get started on today to take the first step towards higher rankings. 

Quick Technical Tips

Google’s Webmaster Tools

Put simply, Google’s Webmaster Tools gives you an insight into what Google is presented with when it crawls your resort’s website. Once you’ve installed the service, you’ll have immediate access to data you can put to use straight away, including HTML improvements, crawl errors, 404 errors and content keywords data. 

Optimise Current Pages

With our help, or by using the HTML Improvements section in Google Webmaster Tools, you can make sure your pages are correctly formatted for optimal performance in the search rankings. By reviewing each new piece of content you create, you can be confident that you are using the best keywords and title tags to climb the search rankings. 

Get Google Authorship

Touted by many as the future of SEO, Google Authorship connects you to the content you create online. As yet it’s unclear whether Google Authorship impacts the current search rankings, but what is clear is that Google rewards websites verified with Authorship with enriched, more visually appealing search engine result listings which can include photos, key company info, links and even calls to action. All of these things can help drive click-throughs to your website. 

Quick Content Tips

Create Engaging Blog Posts

You probably know by now that blogging is an essential component of your online marketing strategy, but it’s worth saying again. One of the best ways to climb the search rankings and drive traffic to your site is to regularly create high quality, informative blog posts that speak directly to your guests’ needs and naturally generate social media shares. 
Promote Your Content on Google +
Of course you should share each new piece of content you create on Facebook and Twitter, but how do you expect to achieve maximise visibility if you don’t also promote your work on Google’s own social network?  
Promoting your blog content on Google+ pays off in the SERPs because Google’s algorithm uses social signals from its social media platform to determine the rankings. By sharing your resort’s content and giving those in your circles the chance to engage with it by commenting, sharing and hitting the +1 button, you can expect a better ranking in the long run. 
Have you tried any of these simple but effective SEO tips as part of your resort’s online marketing strategy? Let us know in the comments below. 
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