5 Marketing Trends Your Resort Needs to Know About

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Posted on Aug 23rd 2013
If you want to remain ahead of your competitors you need to be constantly creating, monitoring and managing your marketing content across multiple online platforms. So how can you be sure you’re focusing your efforts wisely? Here are five current marketing trends your resort cannot afford to ignore.
1. Content Marketing
‘Content’ is the latest buzzword in online marketing but it’s not just a passing phase. Thanks to the role of social media as a powerful sharing tool and Google’s ongoing preference for high quality, unique content, it has never been more important to create engaging content that is of value to your guests. Whether it’s through blogs, newsletters or social media, content creation is now the underlying force beneath almost all successful digital marketing.
2. Mobile Marketing
With Smartphones rapidly reaching global market saturation, failing to optimise your resort’s online presence for mobile is no longer an option. More and more of your guests are planning their breaks and making bookings on the ‘small screen’ and it’s vital that you adapt to meet this huge change in consumer behaviour.
If you haven’t already done so, creating a mobile version of your website (offered free of charge with eTourism’s iLaunch CMS) so your guests can quickly and easily browse your content should be priority.
3. Integrated Digital Marketing
It’s hard to believe that just a few years ago, businesses were trying to come to grips with how digital marketing slotted into their overall marketing campaign. Today, marketers are faced with the challenge of creating a powerful internet presence across many different online platforms. Now that Google is using social signals to determine how it ranks search results, developing an integrated and consistent digital marketing approach that ties together web pages, social media, email and blog content, among other channels, is key.
4. Visual Marketing
The last couple of years have seen a torrent of visual-based social platforms rise to the fore with Pinterest, Instagram, Slideshare and most recently, Twitter’s video sharing app Vine, inspiring millions of internet users to obsessively collect and share image and video based content.
Your resort should ride this trend by incorporating promotional tour videos, event video clips and new images into your website and social media based strategies wherever possible.
5. Continuous Marketing
Social media has transformed the marketing process dramatically. Although there is still a place for ‘campaigns’ with a clearly defined beginning and end, getting your resort found online through Google, Twitter and Facebook now requires constant activity. There’s nothing Google hates more than silence, which means you need to be relentless in producing and publishing marketing content to stay afloat online.
Have you adapted your tactics to keep up with the latest marketing trends?
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