Win At SEO By Crushing Competitive Keywords

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Posted on Aug 25th 2017

With the explosion of content marketing in recent years, the competition to get your hotel noticed by your guests online is fiercer than ever.

Unfortunately, there’s no quick fix to SEO. But with a little patience, dedication and commitment to these best practices you can rank highly for the keywords you’re targeting and generate the best return on your investment.

Analyse Keyword Competition First

Before you choose your target keywords, it’s important to gauge the competition. Most SEO research tools offer keyword volume data which show how often keywords are being searched for, as well as metrics that help you understand the competition or difficulty level of ranking for these keywords. Your aim is to strike the right balance by finding a keyword that has a good amount of search volume but a competition level which is not too intimidating.

Identify The Strategies Of Ranking Sites

After completing your initial keyword competition analysis, take a comprehensive look at the wider search landscape. Zero in on the websites which are currently ranking, focusing on their use of title tags, meta descriptions, H1 heading tags, link building strategies, page speed and any common keywords used. By arming yourself with the knowledge of the things your ranking competitors are getting right, you can replicate their strategies for your own success.

Create Amazing Content

From blogs to videos and high quality imagery, focus on creating engaging content that speaks directly to your target audience and solves their problems.

Once you’ve published your content, the work doesn’t stop. It’s important to add relevant internal links directing to the page from both older content and any relevant new content you add to your hotel’s website. Take care to avoid keyword cannibalization by having too many pages which are targeting the same core keyword because this can jeopardise your organic rankings. Making use of a tool such as Google Search Console, identify which search queries the page is generating impressions for and be prepared to rewrite the content or change up the keywords to achieve even greater reach.

Promote Your Content and Build External Backlinks

Simply publishing content to your website and hoping it ranks is not an effective SEO strategy anymore. It’s vital to promote it – through social media, paid ads and building external backlinks to the page. Used in combination with each other, these tactics will help your content climb the SERPs and reach the widest possible audience online.

Effective SEO starts with the right preparation, is based on great content, and requires constant testing and re-evaluation for the best results. What is your hotel’s strategy when it comes to competitive keywords? Let us know in the comments below!


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