The SEO Trends Gaining Momentum In 2019

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Posted on Mar 14th 2019

How’s your hotel’s SEO campaign shaping up in 2019?

As we move into the third month of the year (already!) it’s time to recap the big search trends marketers are using to reach their audiences online and the new direction search is moving in.

1. Voice Search On The Up And Up

With voice search expected to account for almost half of all searches by 2020, marketers are waking up to a new way of thinking about keywords.

The days when internet users simply typed a word or two into Google and hit “search” are fading, with voice queries far more likely to be longer, conversational and more specific. Your hotel’s search campaign must change with the times by thinking about the language your audience use to research their breaks online and focusing in on long-tail keywords to rank prominently in the SERPs.

2. User Experience Is Everything

Google has started giving more prominent rankings to websites that prioritise user experience. This means simple and intuitive navigation, an engaging design and a straightforward, easy to use booking page.

If your hotel’s website isn’t offering the user experience it should be, you’re not only turning off guests and losing out on bookings; your rankings are likely to suffer too (which of course, means more lost bookings…)

3. Mobile-First Optimisation

As part of it’s commitment to improving experience for its billions of global users everyday, Google is continuing to build its mobile-first index, giving higher rankings to websites that prioritise mobile friendliness. With weighting given to page load times, design and usability, now’s the time to assess the mobile health of your hotel’s website and make sure it performs optimally across screen sizes and devices.

What SEO trends are you noticing gaining ground in 2019? Let us know in the comments below!


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