The 3 Building Blocks To Facebook Success

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Posted on May 14th 2014

Even now that most of us have had a few years practice, keeping on top of Facebook marketing can be a challenge.

Sometimes it helps to go back to basics and remind yourself of a few of the best practices that can be relied on to drive Likes, comments and shares on the world’s biggest social network.

1. Examine Your Reach

Reach is a sometimes overlooked but critical Facebook metric. It tells you if your posts are reaching your audience and if so, what times of days they are accessing them.

You can access a post by post breakdown of your property’s Facebook reach by using the Insights tool. Use this information to examine how each post performed and see if you notice any patterns based on post type.

For an easy to understand graphic representation of your total reach, you can click the ‘Reach’ tab within Insights to see Likes, shares, comments, reach and the number of people choosing to hide your posts.

Don’t neglect these important metrics. Make a point of checking-in on these numbers at least once a week to see what kind of content is scoring highly with your fans.

2. Understand Your Audience

As with any kind of marketing campaign, knowing your audience and understanding their behaviour is the key to Facebook success. Firstly, you need to be sure you’re posting at the right time of day – when your guests are most likely to be online and browsing Facebook.

Again, the Insights tool can help you figure this out – simply click ‘Posts’, then hover over days and times to see specific results.

It’s also useful to get a breakdown of your audience’s ages, locations and gender. This is where the ‘People’ tab comes in – you’ll find everything from the gender your content resonates with the most, to the age group that gives you the most Likes within this treasure chest of metrics.

3. Get Creative With Visuals

Photos drive Facebook almost as much as image-centred sites like Pinterest and Instagram.

Whatever the demographic makeup of your audience, you can bet they love eye-catching, beautiful and humorous images. If you haven’t already started experimenting with the kinds of images you’re posting regularly to your property’s page, it’s time to do so - choosing the right ones will generate great results.

Have you mastered these three basic Facebook best practices? Have anything else to add? Let us know in the comments below!


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