Keep Referrals in Mind

Posted on Jun 5th 2012

A referral is the natural result of excellent customer service and surpassed expectations. Since people don’t give referrals unless they are deserved, a referral is not a foregone conclusion unless you start every decision you make about running your resort with a referral in mind.

What would you need to change to ensure each and every one of your guests would be so pleased with their stay they would naturally refer you to their friends, colleagues and family? If your resort’s success was measured against a 100% referral rate, would that make you stop and reflect on almost every aspect of your business? 

Would it make you think about ways to ensure your guests had a stay worth talking about – considering everything from your housekeeping routine through to your front office welcome? Would it make you think more carefully about your social media campaign, content and SEO? After all, referrals are generated based on what a referred prospect guest discovers when they search for your property. 

Would it make you think about asking for referrals more widely? Would you be confident in the knowledge that your guests will be so happy with their stay they would want to refer? Referrals happen reliably and predictably when you begin each customer interaction with a referral in mind. 

Are you doing everything you can to generate referrals for your resort? 


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