How To Use Social Analytics To Take Your Facebook Campaigns To The Next Level

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Posted on Jul 26th 2016

If you know where to look, social platforms offer a wealth of analytic data which can help you modify your marketing efforts for improved reach, engagement and visibility.

Here are 4 ways to use Facebook metrics to boost your hotel’s marketing campaigns on the ever important social network.

1: Identify Popular Content Types

In Facebook Insights, you’ll find all the information you need to identify the kind of content that resonates best with your audience by clicking the Post Types option on the Posts tab.

Does your audience tend to engage more with text-based posts, links, images or videos? Pay serious attention to this data, because it gives you some very clear clues about how you should focus your marketing efforts.

Don’t forget to delve deeper. Sure, posts which share a link generally do well in terms of engagement, but do these top performing posts feature curated links or links to your hotel’s own blog? When you have the answers about the specific types of content your guests prefer, you can tweak your content mix for maximum engagement.

2: Perfect Your Posting Schedule

The times of day and days of the week social media users are most active online can differ widely from one audience to the next. By digging into your metrics (Insights > Posts > When Your Fans Are Online) you’ll find out exactly when your guests are most likely to engage.

Getting your timing right is pretty essential when you keep in mind the very limited amount of time you have to make an impression in fast-moving social feeds. Post when the majority of your audience are offline and your well crafted messaging is likely to get buried amongst a sea of other content. Zero in on peak engagement times and give your content a chance to achieve the reach it deserves.

3: Tailor Your Messaging

Facebook is constantly collecting data from its users, and you can access a lot of this by opening Ads Manager and going to Audience Insights. Here, you’ll find everything from the basic demographic makeup of your audience, to info on their interests, behaviour, lifestyle and employment. Armed with this real data, you can build a better picture of your guest personas, identify common needs and pain points, adjust your tone to better suit your audience and create compelling offers likely to appeal to each audience segment.

4: Capitalise On Popular Topics

In point one, we suggested finding out the content types that are most popular with your audience, now it’s time to look at the topics that are most likely to hit home. In Facebook Insights, go to Posts> Post Types, then spend some time analysing the reactions, comments and shares for each of your posts.

Combine the insight you find here with historical analytics from UTM parameters to uncover a mine of information about the kind of topics that excite your guests. When you’ve identified the best performing topics, you can begin brainstorming other relevant content drawing on similar themes.

Don’t miss the opportunity to recycle or repurpose previous posts and promos that were particularly popular – many of the newer members of your audience may have missed it first time round. You can also consider if there’s any way to improve engagement on badly performing content, perhaps by creating a more interesting headline, adding an eye catching image or changing the way you promote it.

Does your hotel make full use of Facebook analytics to inform your marketing campaigns on the platform? Let us know in the comments below!


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