How to: Link Twitter to your Facebook Page

Posted on Jan 31st 2011


The power of social networks can be tapped to promote your resort business. Resort owners can post their advertisements, promos and upcoming events to these channels to be accessed by social networking users. The proliferation of social networks with enhanced website applications enabled users to regularly update their profiles, status and planned activities, which can be seen or made known to his or her network of friends. Furthermore, social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Bebo, among others, are now interlinked, providing better synergy. This “life-streaming” or social aggregation solution hold immense potentials for businesses, like resorts, as they offer an ideal advertising platform.  

So if you have Facebook fans who aren’t Twitter users, you can post your resorts’ updates on your Facebook wall for your fans to see. When you do this, you can automatically post your Twitter updates straight to your Facebook wall.  

You can add your Twitter message to Facebook by following these steps: 


1. Log in to your Twitter account. 


2. Open a new tab or window, then log into your Facebook account you wish to have your Twitter updates posted to. 


3. Navigate to the Applications page by clicking to this link:


4. When asked, “would you like to connect your Twitter and Facebook Accounts?” as shown in the image below Click ‘Allow’ on the prompt above in order for your Tweets to post on your Facebook profile. 



5. Check the Facebook Profile box under the App permissions. 


And voila! You can now use Twitter to draw attention to your Facebook fan page. 


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