How To Generate More Click-Throughs On Social Media

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Posted on Apr 29th 2014

In an ideal world, all your fans and followers on social media would head straight to your resort’s website to find out more about your property, sign up to your mailing list and get ready to book.

In reality, most of them need a gentle push.

These 3 tips will help you drive social media traffic to your website, without making any major changes to your current campaigns.

1: Tell Your Guests What You Want Them to Do

It’s a simple step but one that many businesses neglect to include – a concise, compelling call to action routing social media fans back to their website.

Of course, if you’re in the (good) habit of updating your social media accounts each time you publish a new blog post, you’ll already be sharing links back to your site on a regular basis, but you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to drive traffic in other kinds of posts too. Whether you’re sharing a new image, posting some news or even just an inspirational quote, consider how you can leverage this content to drive engagement on both your social pages and your property’s website. For instance, if you’re posting a quick local weather update, you might ask guests to share their favourite rainy day activities to do with kids, while also encouraging them to check out a related blog post detailing all the great indoor family attractions within easy reach of your resort.

2: Keep Your Messaging Consistent and Cohesive

As you take time to craft calls to action that drive your audience to your website, take a few moments to consider how all the separate components of your message fit together. Does the headline fit with the image you’ve chosen? Does the picture make sense in relation to the text? Does your landing page tie in with everything that comes before it?

If there is even a small inconsistency between all these elements, it could potentially confuse the reader and distract them from their clear forward path to your website (and making a booking.)

To maximise your efforts, use a social media analytics tool such as Facebook Insights to identify the kinds of posts that have garnered the best results in the past, and aim to shape your content around these high-performing posts to generate a similar response.

3: Make Your Landing Page Work For You

Once you’ve got your guests clicking-through to your website, you need to consider what they’ll see when they actually land there. If you’ve taken time to come up with a compelling social media post directing fans to your site, you obviously don’t want to fall at the last hurdle and lose their interest once you’ve got them there.

The best landing pages will include concise pieces of easily digestible information, more eye catching images and a clear path of action your social media audience can take to deepen their relationship with your property – email newsletter sign-ups, links to other social media accounts, links to booking pages - and another powerful CTA to complete that action.

With just a few small changes to your social media posts, you can drive more of your guests to your website to engage with your further and book.

Do you have any more tips for increasing social media click-through rates? Let us know in the comments below!


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