How To Create Facebook Photo Posts That Generate Results

How To Create Facebook Photo Posts That Generate Results
Posted on Sep 10th 2015

Image-based posts are some of the best performing types of content when it comes to driving likes, comments, shares and click-throughs on Facebook.

Are your resort’s image posts performing as well as you’d like? Maximising engagement for the pictures you post is all about picking the right image for your audience. Here are 3 ways you can boost the performance of your visual based posts as part of your Facebook marketing efforts.

1: Combine Great Images with Engaging Text

Thanks to sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Vine, the importance of visual based media has skyrocketed in recent years. While this means that images are a reliable way to drive engagement, it also means that images that were good enough once, may no longer cut it in the fight for attention online.

If you want to share photos that truly catch your guests’ attention and generate results, you need to find images that are not only high-quality and unique, but relate closely to your brand and actively drive engagement. A lot of this comes down to the way you present the images you share with your audience, and this means paying some serious thought to the text you include with your posts.

For example, sharing a picture of a beautiful local beach with the straightforward title “Coolum Beach, Sunshine Coast” might catch the eyes of some of your fans. But what about an album of 10 striking images, grouped together under a clever and relatable title like “10 Of The Best Beaches You Won’t Believe You’ve Never Heard Of” with engaging captions like “nothing but white sand and sparkling surf” to accompany each image?

Posts like this may take a little longer to put together, but you can bet the extra work will pay off when it comes to your engagement rates.

2: Test and Adapt

If you want to identify the types of image and text combinations that work best with your audience, you’re going to need to give in to trial and error with some sustained A/B testing.

Analyse your image performance to recognise those which trigger action in the form of Likes, shares, clicks and comments, and those which tend to fall flat. Pay attention to the title, captions, and any calls to action you include as well as the types of images themselves.

When you find the imaging and messaging combos that resonate best with your audience, you can replicate them on a greater scale for your most successful image based posts yet.

3: Pay To Expand Your Reach

Organic reach on Facebook is not what it once was, and even large brands with thousands of highly engaged fans can struggle to get their posts seen by their intended audience.

The solution? Facebook advertising.

If you’re prepared to put in considerable time and effort to develop engaging image-based posts, then you want to get them seen by the biggest and most relevant audience possible. A Facebook advertising campaign will allow you to amplify your message to a targeted audience far bigger than your loyal fan base and their network of friends and family, and this can only mean great things for the engagement rates of your image based posts and your hotel’s Facebook presence as a whole.

What do you think? Have you discovered the types of visual content that work best for your hotel? Let us know in the comments below!


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