How Responsive Website Design Gives Your Hotel an Edge

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Posted on Apr 23rd 2019

With recent studies showing that more than half of today’s global website traffic is carried out on portable devices, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your website offers the optimal customer experience across the board - not just on desktops and laptops.

Taking this into account, if your hotel’s website doesn’t render seamlessly when travel shoppers make that tap on Google, you can be certain that that potential customer - given how quickly websites and apps on the whole are expected to function in 2019 - will go somewhere else, which results in a lost booking, and subsequently a missed chance to strike up a loyal relationship with a guest that may have returned multiple times for what your business has to offer.

Despite your hotel being an attractive choice initially, if it’s not marketed in a way that utilises the advantages of responsive website design, you may well be losing more than half of your customer base who use tablets and phones as their means to navigate online.

Your Website Without Responsive Website Design

You’re certain to remember a past moment when you were browsing the internet on your phone or tablet, only to find that the particular website you wanted to visit rendered dismally on your device: the images were too big to see what they were, sentences were unreadable in their entirety, and you had to inconveniently scroll sideways, even diagonally, to navigate your way across a seemingly endless page.

You remember it because it was frustrating. And you made the conscious decision to either never visit that website again or to return in future when you had access to a desktop or laptop. Now however, with the powerful capabilities of tablets and mobiles today, more people rely habitually on such devices, with some not even requiring a desktop or laptop at home.

This is why your hotel’s website needs responsive website design: an industry-expected practice which guarantees that your website - and everything you want visitors to see - is displayed at the tap of a finger, no matter which device and what dimension the screen is.

Your Website With Responsive Website Design

By implementing responsive website design on your website, you deliver a user-friendly experience on any device that pushes your hotel’s selling points, drives bookings, and leaves a lasting impression on visitors who will remember your website’s ease of functionality the next time they go accommodation shopping.

Responsive website design is your website made attractive across the ever-growing range of portable devices, and a crucial implementation in an especially exciting age of digital marketing. Potential customers will visit your website to find that your forefront image sends the aesthetic message it’s supposed to, what your hotel offers is readable from the get-go, and that other important areas of your website are accessible in just one or two taps.

Moreover, to make sure you’re implementing responsive website design effectively, ask yourself these key questions after viewing your website on a portable device:

  • Are my website’s images cropped suitably and is the text of an immediately readable size?
  • Are all areas of my website easy to navigate without having to scroll sideways?
  • Does my website load quickly and leave aside sluggish Flash-based content?
  • Can I see ALL the same information on my mobile, that I can see on my desktop?

Have any guests complimented you on how easy it was to use your hotel’s website? Let us know in the comments below!


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