How Do Hotels Maximise Engagement on Facebook?

How Do Hotels Maximise Engagement on Facebook
Posted on Feb 4th 2014
What do hotels and resorts need to do to get the best results on Facebook? New research from Inside Facebook offers a couple of interesting insights. 
The study looked at the Facebook campaigns of over 2000 holiday properties, encompassing a total of 114, 634 posts. Here are the key findings:
Most Engaging Post type
The properties featured in the Inside Facebook study posted an average of 32 times a month, with 27.8 of these posts including an image. Premium US hotels such as MGM Grand and Aria in Las Vegas and California’s Sierra at Tahoe relied even more on image-based posts with 86% of each of their posts containing a photo and only a small handful created each month to share videos or links to exclusive deals. 
When it comes to what kind of photo works best, the study indicates that those which seem to generate an emotional response from guests are most popular. Scenery shots which showed off an enticing local landscape garnered an average of 28.71 Likes per 1,000 impressions — that’s nearly 5 times as much as posts which simply contain a link. Content that featured images of delicious looking food was found most likely to generate comments and shares with an average of 99 comments and 2.98 shares per 1,000 impressions. Posts relating to property facilities, however, contributed to less than 50% of overall engagement, suggesting that content that conveys a sense of destination and tangible experience is more important to social media users than practical details such as room amenities.
post frequency
How often do you publish a post to your resort’s Facebook page? If a lack of time or staff resources mean you’re worried you’re not as active as you should be, you may be being too hard on yourself. The study found that the properties that posted the most frequently were not necessarily rewarded with the best engagement rates, and conversely, may actually be wasting time and energy by making too many posts daily. According to the data, the ‘sweet spot’ for posting frequency is between 3 and 7 times a day. 
What can you takeaway from the Inside Facebook findings? Don’t rely heavily on posts that contain links to blog posts, promotions or other web pages. Focus your efforts instead on sharing plenty of high quality images that show off your destination and captivate guests with the promise of new and exciting experiences. 


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