Email Consumption On Mobile Up 50%

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Posted on Jan 8th 2013

New research shows that people are increasingly using mobile devices to access their emails. While this brings fresh challenges for marketers trying to capitalise on the platform, it also provides a wealth of new opportunities with the rise of m-commerce and immediate purchasing.

New data from Ohio based email marketing company Knotice reveals that email consumption on mobile devices rocketed during the busy shopping week around Thanksgiving (November 20-26.) According to the research, during this time as many as 45% of marketing emails sent by retailers were accessed via a mobile platform. 

That’s an impressive 50% jump from the same busy shopping period in 2011. Knotice’s study, which analysed approximately 2.8 million emails, also found that emails accessed via tablets have doubled in the past year, with a click through rate of 10.08%. 

As well as optimising for mobile, tackling spam remains a burning issue in email marketing. In a recent blog post, Guy Hanson, executive of email marketing specialists Return Path, noted that “Email marketers largely have themselves to blame for this state of affairs, by operating email programs where the unsubscribe link is either not visible, difficult to use, or simply not trusted.” 

He noted that subscribers have a natural preference for “the route of least resistance.” 

“If it’s easier to complain than opt out, then that’s generally what they will do, and both deliverability and response suffer as a consequence.”

He recommended simplifying the unsubscribe process as much as possible by making the unsubscribe link more visible, and removing people that wish to unsubscribe from your contact list right away.  

Are you ready to optimise your email marketing campaign for mobile? 

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