Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a powerful way to increase direct reservations. As the old saying goes,

It's easier to sell to your existing guests, than it is to new guests.

The fact is, less than 5% of resort managers regularly connect with their past guests, crazy, right? If you're not connecting with them, you can bet your competition is!

We want to help you reconnect with your guests by providing an easy and affordable email marketing solution.

What You Receive

Professional Looking Email Templates

Simply choose from one of our existing templates or get us to custom design one for you. Once you've purchased your template it's yours to use forever, and there are no ongoing design or developments costs.

Newsletter Enderley Garders Resort newsletter-mint.jpg> Newsletter Surf Parade Resort

Database Management

We will help you export your latest guest details from your PMS and then help you import and build your own marketing database. Using our Guest Analysis service we're able to target your guest with pin point accurancy - show me who stayed last Easter, that isn't staying this Easter, living within 100km of the property.

Track Message & Link Statistics

We will provide graphs and reports showing you how many of your guests opened your message, which links were clicked on and how many times your message was forwarded.

Powerful Filters

Segment your guests by filtering your list into targeted groups. Maybe you only want to email females, between the age of 21 and 40, who stayed on Valentines day 2011 and live in Victoria. Maybe you want to email anyone that stayed within the last 2 weeks? Maybe those with an daily room rate greater than $300 without a future booking. 

Personalise Your Message

Personalise your messages by including any fields from within your database in the message. Maybe you want to address your guests by their first name, include their last booking date of stay, or the name of the room they last stayed in.

How It Works

  1. Design - You can choose from one of our existing templates or have the eTourism design team create a unique template for your resort.
  2. Content - You can either supply your own content to be used in the template or an eTourism copywriter will produce content specifically for this newsletter campaign.
  3. Contacts - Provide eTourism with your latest contacts list for the email campaign. eTourism can help export your latest guest list from popular PMS systems.
  4. Confirm and Send - Once the newsletter has been confirmed it will be sent to your latest guest list.
  5. Report - Once sent a report will be provided to help you asertain the campaigns success. 

Contact eTourism today to discuss your design requirements.

Here you'll find more information on Guest Analysis or you can find more information Guest Connect here


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