7 Easy Ways To Boost Your Email List

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Posted on Mar 17th 2015

Your email contact list has a pretty short shelf life. It degrades over time as your contacts decide to opt-out of email communication, forget their passwords, or simply abandon that old email account they only set up to fill in website forms.

That’s why it’s essential to keep your subscriber numbers moving in the right direction by constantly adding fresh new contacts.

So how do you encourage a steady flow of new email list sign-ups? Here are 7 ways you can start working on growing your email list today.

1.) Create engaging email content

If you really want to keep your guests and prospective guests subscribed, you need to make your content engaging, relevant and helpful. The key to great email content (like all content) is to put the guest first, answer their questions and address their problems. To do this, you need to have a through understanding of your audience’s wants and needs, informed by your guest persona research. By sending out professionally written, interesting content on a regular basis, you may even inspire some of your guests to forward your emails to their friends and family, widening your reach with no extra effort on your part. Which brings us to point 2…

2) Encourage subscribers to share your emails

Include social sharing buttons within your emails to gain access to whole untapped networks of friends, family members and colleagues who might also be interested in receiving your content by email.

You can also include a simple “subscribe” link so that anyone receiving a forwarded email can easily opt-in to receive new content from your resort, too.

3) Run a contest

Running a contest on Facebook is a great way to widen your social reach, engage your audience and generate new email sign-ups. Set up a great discount or special package as a prize, and make signing up to your email list the method of entry. Then get to work promoting your contest!

4. Breathe life into a stale list

Maybe you have an older list that you suspect has mostly gone stale? Create a new campaign, encouraging old contacts that are still interested in your resort to opt-in again, while promising to remove all contacts that don’t respond from your database completely. Although it may appear contradictory to your list-growing goal, removing these old contacts reduces the amount of people out there who might potentially mark your messages as spam, which will in turn boost the deliverability of your future campaigns and help your content get seen by the most relevant people.

5. Drive sign-ups from your Facebook page

Don’t forget to add a call to action button driving email sign-ups from your resort’s Facebook page. Link the button to a landing page where guests can complete the sign up process.

6. Promote sign-ups on YouTube

Have you made short video tours to capture the experience of staying at your property and entice your guests to book? If so, you can include calls-to-action and URLs within your video descriptions and even within the videos themselves to drive email list subscriptions. And if your property is one of those that hasn’t tested the power of video marketing yet, you really should!

7. Promote sign-ups throughout your website

Don’t make your guests dig around to find out how to sign-up to receive information and offers from you. Include an email capture form on your homepage and dot compelling calls to action throughout your other pages to ensure visitors are constantly reminded to sign up.

When it comes to growing your contact data base, the key is to attack from as many different angles as possible. How many of these tactics are you using to grow your lists? Let us know in the comments below!


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