6 Ways to Make Guests Remember Your Hotel

6 Ways To Make Guests Remember Your Hotel
Posted on Jul 7th 2021

Luxuriousness and location aren’t the fast solutions to being remembered by your guests. A luxury hotel can feel lacking if the service is unwelcoming and reserved.

It’s the little things that make a guest’s stay memorable - the immediate and continued feeling that they are welcome, in good hands and valued.

Going out of your way for your guests is what will set your hotel apart. Being remembered builds loyalty, and to be remembered you have to make them feel through small, memorable experiences that mean a lot.

First Impressions

First impressions last, so it’s crucial to evaluate your direct booking process and whether it’s as straightforward, fast and user-friendly as it can be. Is the process simple? Is the booking confirmation sent within adequate time?

These are early signs that will relax your guest and make them feel that they made the right call with your hotel.

Subsequently, your check-in process should also be considered when assessing the first impressions your guests might have - check-in should be equally uncomplicated and speedy to allow your guest to relax after their travel without delay.

Welcome Gifts

It goes without saying that your rooms should be cleaned and in pristine condition for arriving guests. But have you tried leaving a surprise gift for your guest to find upon entering their room? Perhaps even a “welcome” message addressing the guest by their name?

These things are more impactful than they may seem, and only require a little extra effort on your part. A complimentary bottle of champagne, fresh flowers, a local discount or simply a personalised welcome note are all small but meaningful gestures that your guests won’t forget.

Guest Departure

Just as much effort should be put into your guests’ departure as their arrival. Thanking them (for choosing your hotel), asking them if they are satisfied with their stay and encouraging their thoughts and opinions through a simple pre-made survey are things that should be standard procedure.

Not only that but following up their stay with a friendly email is something your guests will appreciate. Follow-up emails should once again thank guests and ask their opinions - gestures that will make them feel valued. To go a step further, you could even offer an exclusive promo for them to use on their next booking.

Friendly, Attentive Staff

Your staff represent your hotel’s values and your brand as a whole. And an unhelpful, unaccommodating staff member can quickly mean a disgruntled guest and a bad review that will stick out like a sore thumb.

Well-trained, happy staff will go the extra distance for your guests. Greetings on arrival, readiness to help - even a passing smile as guests come and go - are things that guests will remember, as they will make them feel welcome and appreciated.

Ease and Convenience

Guests should feel accommodated and made to feel they have everything they need throughout their stay. It may seem small, but simple conveniences will make their stay uncomplicated and hassle-free, allowing them to get on with what they should be doing: relaxing.

Things to consider include onsite parking, free WiFi and commonplace amenities such as laundry, hairdryer, iron, kitchen utensils, bathroom products and tea/coffee making facilities.

Does your hotel offer these? If a guest has everything they need, their time relaxing won’t be delayed or interrupted (hunting for something they might require), and they’ll be sure to remember your hotel for its convenience and how nothing was lacking at any given moment.

Meaningful Moments

It’s the small, meaningful moments that we remember, so it’s important to ask yourself what meaningful moments and experiences does your hotel offer its guests?

This could be a family splash in the pool, a romantic kiss on the balcony - even the way your hotel or resort’s ambient outdoor lighting and tranquil atmosphere made them feel one night as they sipped on their favourite cocktail. And this isn’t limited to your hotel itself, but the memorable days out and local attractions your location has to offer.

These meaningful moments are your hotel’s strong points and the things that you should be emphasising and encouraging your guests to experience - experiences they will continue to remember your hotel for.

Do you strive to make your hotel memorable for its guests? Let us know in the comments below!


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