5 Smart Ways to Drive More Online Reviews

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Posted on Apr 26th 2016

Encouraging reviews and managing online reputation is an integral part of any hotel’s internet marketing campaign. Before parting with their money, your guests are seeking out the views and experiences of other travellers and using this information to decide where (and where not to) book their next holiday or weekend away. If there isn’t enough of this firsthand feedback readily available online for a particular property, today’s internet savvy travellers will simply move onto the competition.

So, what can be done to encourage more of your guests to publish their reviews of your hotel online? One way is to provide such exceptional customer service and value for money that travellers can’t help but spread the word. But most likely, your audience needs a gentle push in the right direction. Here are 5 smart ways you can encourage guests to leave online reviews for your hotel.

1. Encourage reviews while guests are still at your property

If your hotel offers complimentary internet access, try placing a friendly note in rooms reminding guests to take advantage of the free WiFi to leave a review of their stay. Positioning a desktop computer or tablet at the front desk is another quick and easy-to-implement method for driving customer feedback. You could also consider creating a custom homepage for your hotel WiFi that directs guests to publish their thoughts on TripAdvisor and other major travel review sites. If you take this approach, don’t forget to also use other methods to encourage reviews, since too many reviews from one computer may alert the suspicions of the review platforms.

2. Ask for reviews in your post-stay communication

One of the most appropriate times to ask guests for a review, is of course, just after they check-out. Sending out an automated text or email a few days after a guest’s holiday ends is a great way to say thanks for the custom and remind them how much you value their feedback.

3. Place review reminders on any print material

Do you hand out free maps of the local area at reception? What about business cards, brochures or any other kind of written material? If so, be sure to include a note reminding them how much you would appreciate a review on the most widely used hotel review sites. Don’t forget to add your website address and social media handles too.

4. Add a reminder on your guest newsletter

Don’t miss the opportunity to drive reviews from people who have already expressed an interest in your property by signing up to your mailing list. Add a short note on your newsletter with a button for guests to quickly and easily leave a review.

5. Get your front desk team onboard

Make sure your reception team is working towards your online reputation goals too. Staff can bring up the possibility of a review when the complimentary WiFi is mentioned at check-in, or during check-out when they ask if guests had a good stay. Explaining briefly to guests that this feedback helps you on your mission to provide the best possible level of service is a polite and positive way to motivate guests to publish their opinions.

How does your hotel encourage guest reviews online? Let us know in the comments below!


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