5 Reasons Why Landing Pages Are Essential For Your Resort

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Posted on Jun 15th 2012

Landing pages have become an essential component of every business’s online marketing strategy, and your resort is no exception.

As you probably already know, a landing page is a deceptively simple single page designed to drive visitors to complete a call of action - usually to sign up for a newsletter, fill in a contact form or make a purchase. 

Here are five reasons why you should take landing pages seriously as one of your core online tools. 

Rank better in local search

If you want to rank highly in local search, you need to have lots of local content. Landing pages are a useful way to build very localised content and links to get your pages noticed by people searching locally and on mobile devices. 

Strengthen your online community

Directing your social media connections to landing pages that are tailored to each social network is a very effective way to strengthen your connection with your online fans. Use these pages to run Facebook and Twitter feeds and acknowledge your connection with your fans and followers and you’ll find you can increase engagement with your online community considerably. 

Targeted content

By creating individual landing pages to target your different types of guest, you can direct people to content that addresses their specific needs. Use email newsletters to contact a particular guest group - corporate guests for example, and send them to content that speaks directly to their needs. 

Collect leads

Landing pages are an excellent way to collect contact details from your prospective guests. If you’re running a great offer, create a signup form and enhance your page with video, images, audio, descriptions and a powerful call to action, then watch your sign-ups soar. 

Advertising conversion

Use email offers, printed mail outs and Google adwords to direct people to your page. Make sure your advertising and your landing pages complement each other - the more consistent the message the more successful your campaign will be. 

Have you included landing pages in your resort’s online marketing campaign? 

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