Yahoo! TimeTraveller: Personalised Trip Itineraries On The Go

Posted on May 31st 2012


What would you do on a whirlwind trip to Paris? London? Rome? Yahoo! has just released TimeTraveller, a new app to help you make the most out of your time in a new city, no matter how few hours you have to spare.  

Available now for iPhone and iPod Touch, TimeTraveller uses your individual time restraints to create personalised trip itineraries for some of the most iconic cities worldwide. Simply input your destination, your start and end points and the number of hours you have available and the app will do the rest for you, picking out tourist destinations, food stops and historic monuments for you to discover. These attractions are mapped on to an itinerary customised to the time you have available and it’s easy to share your trip with friends using Facebook, Twitter or email. 

TimeTraveller pulls photos with geographical metadata and date and time stamps from Flickr to calculate the attractions you can expect to fit in within a set period of time. As Vice President of Yahoo! India Shouvick Mukherjee explained, the new app “computes through Flickr images which people have uploaded in the past and tells him the destinations he would visit, say in an hour.”

Handily, you can save your trip itineraries and publish them to Yahoo! as a permanent record of your day.  

At the moment TimeTraveller can be used in 29 cities worldwide, including London, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Paris, and New York, and more are sure to be added soon. 

The arrival of TimeTraveller highlights the value of uploading your image to as many social media sites as possible – you never know where your image will end up!

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