Why Personalized Content is Key To More Direct Bookings

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Posted on May 25th 2016

If you want to stand out from your competitors and ensure your marketing messages resonate with the right people at the right time, it’s essential to get personal.

In today’s blog, we’ll look at how using your guests’ psychographic and demographic data to create personalized content can take your marketing campaigns to the next level.

Build In-Depth Guest Personas Using Demographics and Psychographics

Most hoteliers are familiar with the basic demographic profile of their guests and use this information to inform and improve their marketing efforts.

But in today’s ultra competitive online market, we must dig deeper. Demographics data gives the dry facts about your guests’ gender, age and location, but these figures don’t really say much about who your guests actually are. To find that out, we need to bring in psychographics to piece together a more in-depth portrait of your property’s target audience. This means looking beyond the basic demographic makeup of your guests to their attitudes, aspirations, hobbies, lifestyle and spending habits – all the factors that influence why they choose to buy. You can expose this information in a number of ways; by questioning your audience through email or onsite surveys, asking your reception team to share their experiences of real-life interactions with guests, and by delving into your site analytics to see what has and hasn’t worked previously to encourage clicks and bookings.

To truly reach your target audience, you need a comprehensive understanding of both their demographics and psychographics. Bringing together your knowledge of both will help you form your various guest personas and create super personalised, targeted marketing that resonates powerfully with your guests across mobile, email, social and desktop campaigns.

Drive Bookings Through Targeted Offers

Once you’ve got a firm grip on your hotel’s guest personas, creating personalised offers targeted to these groups is a powerful way to drive bookings.

For example, you might discover from your psychographics and demographics research that your guests from the local area generally book on public holiday 3 day weekends. So, you create a great ‘stay-cation’ discount in time for the next long weekend, but it doesn’t really hit the mark. Was the offer just not enticing enough? Or perhaps the perceived value for this particular persona fell short? You can find answers to these questions by examining the number of clicks, views, bounce rates and bookings the discount drove.

Based on the information you uncover, it may become apparent that this persona does not seek out discounts, valuing space and quality time spent with the family over savings on price. With this in mind, a more attractive offer for this persona could include vouchers to a local theme park or family attraction or a complimentary upgrade to a more spacious and expensive room.

Bring Personalized Content Into Your Search Strategy

It’s important to integrate personalized content into your SEO strategy, too. The best way to do this is through professional copy writing that includes a range of your target short and long-tailed keywords.

Consider the search queries your guests are likely to type into Google to find your property. It’s often something fairly specific, such as “Brisbane hotel near Southbank with river views.” By ensuring your webpage copy tells your story in a way that includes this term and other related terms, you give yourself a good shot of being discovered by the guests looking for your unique offerings. The more targeted you can get with your SEO efforts, the more you’ll see your bounce rates drop and your booking and engagement rates rise.

How does your hotel use psychographics and personalised content to reach your guests online? Let us know in the comments below!


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