Where are your Hotel Bookings Being Generated?

Posted on Jun 23rd 2010

Gone are the days where majority of hotel bookings were made via calling the hotel direct. In today’s mobile and social media society, the growing trend revolves around online; Online Travel Agencies (OTA), hotel websites, and mobile devices. More and more hotel guests are using smatphones to perform their travel research, using social networking sites such as Facebook to seek travel information, and booking their accommodation without even putting their mobile device down.

Hotels are catching on to this trend rapidly, engaging customers via Facebook applications and iPhones instead of sticking to the traditional means. By opening the door to the new technology, hotels are giving customers endless opportunities to make an enquiry or a booking, through a multitude of avenues.  

One group that is always fast to adopt new technology is The Trump Hotel Collection, who recently created a customised Facebook page, allowing users the opportunity to place a booking via this social media platform.

This is just one of the examples illustrating the new technology of social networking in sites such as Facebook. These social media trends allow networking sites to act as the gateway to connect people with the right information at the right time. Although not all users of Facebook want to book hotel rooms, the option is there for them to utilise if they wish to.

Jim Petrus, chief operating officer of Trump Hotel Collection states, “It makes sense to tie together our social networking presence with a brand Facebook page since it is the most comprehensive, consumer-facing social network in the marketplace today.”

Other major hotel groups are also in the process of creating customised booking Pages for their hotels, proving once again that the new era of technology is here to stay. 

If you are interested in creating a Facebook Page for your Hotel, eTourism has set up an easy 'How to create a Facebook for your Business'.


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