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Posted on Aug 3rd 2009

Welcome to the eTourism corporate blog. My name is Bryan Marsh and I’m the Managing Director at eTourism.

This blog is intended for eTourism customers and anyone else interested in keeping up to date with eTourism.

We intend on making frequent posts to this blog on company news, product upgrades and enhancements along with information on getting the most out of our tools. This blog will also include information on up coming marketing initiatives eTourism Holidays is conducting.

You will have the ability to comment on each post. We will be monitoring these comments to ensure they’re constructive. Customers will have the ability to interact with each other through this commenting system.

By default these posts will be delivered into your email inbox, however you may also choose to subscribe by RSS which is available on the left side of this page.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to working with you.

Best regards,
Bryan Marsh

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