Video is One Simple Way to Boost Your Presence in Local Search

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Posted on Jun 13th 2012

Appearing in local search results is pretty essential to the success of your resort’s internet marketing campaign. While there’s been lots written about the importance of Google Place pages and local web content when it comes to boosting your local search result presence,  the power of locally optimised video is often overlooked. 

The fact is; Google wants to provide people with engaging search results by generating an interesting combination of local Places pages, images, products, blogs and videos all mixed together on the first page of results. That means that businesses who know how to produce and optimise video effectively can easily find their YouTube videos straight on page one of search, even for very competitive search phrases. 

Here are a few tips to consider as you explore this tactic:

Put in the keyword research

Use the Google Keyword Tool or WordTracker to find some relevant search terms. Avoid ultra-competitive, broad phrases like ‘holiday’, and opt instead for slightly longer, less commonly searched for terms. 

Don’t forget those frequently searched for questions – concentrate on making videos that address the issues your guests want to know about. 

Create multiple videos

Aim to build a library of video content to address as many of the things your guests might be searching for as possible. You can create a video tour of your resort to show off your facilities, film a local festival or shoot a short video to showcase the nearest beach - and that’s just for starters!

Make your videos sell

Don’t forget to include URLs and annotations with your videos so you can direct your prospects to more information.  

Optimise for search

You can use the search terms you discover as your video titles and video descriptions. Search on YouTube for the terms you’re after and check out the keywords attached to the top videos for pointers.

Promote your videos

Finally, promote your YouTube videos by linking to them from your Facebook page, website and other social media sites.  

Try out this powerful little tactic for yourself – get creative and shoot videos in and around your resort with your smart phone: you might be surprised by the results! 

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