Upcoming Apple software enables direct connection to hotel services

Posted on Aug 5th 2010

For Apple, making the most-wanted gadgets like the MacBook and iPad is not enough.  Recently, there have been rumors that the company wants to delve into travel as well with the application called iTravel—one that could connect to various airlines or transportation services, and book or retrieve reservations for flights, hotels, car rentals, etc., all from Apple mobile devices such as the iPhone.

Now, Apple patent reveals that in addition to making room reservations, travelers could also make requests about temperature, lighting, and the types of food or beverages to have available, etc. Then, the iPhone could act as a room key and as a remote control for things like A/V devices.

The iTravel app could also connect directly to hotel services like dry cleaning, room service and the hotel spa, and make it easy to reserve tables at nearby restaurants, book cabs or get suggestions for local entertainment. Finally, the app could be used to pay your bill, request transportation, use reward programs and also keep track of receipts.

So as a hotel operator, do you see yourself connecting to Apple iTravel?

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