Twitter Rolls Out Promoted Accounts

Posted on Oct 5th 2010

Twitter officially rolls out today this new feature that allows advertisers to pay to boost their audience on Twitter by including  promoted accounts on the "suggestions for you" feature on  This new product suggests users to follow other accounts according to who they already follow and who their friends follow. 

Twitter notes in their post, you’ll only see Promoted Accounts if you’re publicly following a bunch of Twitter accounts that are related to one of their paying ones.  For example, a lot of people who follow several resort-related accounts also follow @etourismaust. If someone follows resort-related accounts, but not @etourismaust, Twitter may recommend @etourismaust to that person.

Promoted Accounts is in the testing phase, so only a “handful of companies” will have their Twitter accounts promoted. It’s certain to expand over time if the tests prove successful.

Twitter’s Promoted Accounts would be available to both companies and individual Twitter users.

This new product may actually be a good way for your resort to be more visible to Twitter users and gain more followers.  The question now is: are you willing to pay for Promoted Accounts?

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