Traveling in the Age of Facebook Open Graph

Posted on Dec 2nd 2011

Travel and shopping are probably two of the most social activities we do with friends and loved ones. The hyper-interactive travel consumer is a new breed of engaged and informed traveler. They talk about travel before they travel, while they travel, and after they travel. With Facebook Open Graph and Facebook commerce, the travel industry has tremendous opportunities to market to travellers across the social curve.

 More than 250 million photos are uploaded daily on Facebook and many travel-related photos are part of this activity. With the new Facebook Timeline, travellers will likely be sharing their experiences, such as the places they have been and the people they have traveled with, with their friends more often. The Timeline could become a scrapbook of your friends' travel experiences, allowing you to easily see where your friends have been traveling and may very well lead you to your next journey. Get the full story at 
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